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Cause & Solution Parents, Teachers and Friends in Our Life.

By jancarlosa12 May 06, 2013 584 Words
Cause and effect of parents, teachers and friends in our life. Jan Carlos Arthur 10mo B

In this essay; I'm presenting you various effects in which our parents, friends, teachers and all the people involved in our daily life since the start, till the end of you preparations, including socially, emotionally as well as academically which are areas in which we most focus to prepare throughout our life.

Parents are our holding hands, the ones that sustain our life, which guide us in our path through this world which is becoming harder and harder every day , full of expectations ahead of us. They are a big part of our hearts, which make them a have an incredibly BIG role in our lifes.

From Kinder to Middle School, from Middle School to High School; then Collegue, we are preparing for what's ahead of us in our life, but without our parents, that would be impossible. According to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, having good, supportive friends can have a beneficial impact on our Health/Life; which can increase our lifetime and can be more important than family in healthwise.

As well as our teachers, which are always pressing us to give our best in school assingments, proyects, as well as to develop in extracurricular modalities. Parents affect emotionally, socially as well as economically. They are the ones that pays our tuition for school, for our further preparation, our carreers, our emotional support are them, when we need tips, someone to tell us the right things to do on any situation, they are there for us, even someone to rely on. The thing is we expect a lot of them as well as they expect from us, there is that balance.

The balance between our duties, is normally all what we need to do, all what they always ask for, while there are working to maintain our family, their kids; and their relation with her/his wife/spouse. Our friends, friends have a big role in our social life, that social acceptation that maes a lot of people to change their way just to try to fit in social groups. They are also our supporting hands, we take care of each other and trust them, to help us on any situation, they're are always there, to have fun, and to support us when we are down.

In conclusion, our parents have a enormous impact on our life since we where kids, as we grow up that relationship becomes more independent, and start evolving, more trust as we face what life has for us, they are always there in any moment, any situation we need them or something from hem, cause the most preciated treasure they have are us, and they will protect us at any cost, showing us the right way of doing thing, and teaching us how to face the world as it comes at us, always letting us know that in good and bad moments; they'll be there for me.

As well as our teachers friends, they're are supporting hands in all ways, socially also academically we are getting prepared, in fact all in mostly based on mutualism, they are for you and viceversa, anytime. they expext the same from you, teachers are just expecting to form big bussiness men/women, as well as a good person for our modern society.

Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

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