Cause of Race–American Ego to Imperialism and Fear-

Topics: Slavery, Racism, Africa Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Cause of Race –American Ego to Imperialism and Fear-

What is the cause of race? It is a common question people have asked themselves for over a century and our country, the United States, have been troubled about this problem, racism, before the country itself was born. Racism has caused many innocent people to feel miserable and inferior to others, regardless of his or her ability. The common response as the culprit of the cause of race is slavery, which the first of them were brought as early as 1619 to the Americas. True, slavery had caused a clear differentiation between the free man and captured man, but is slavery really is the culprit of racism? Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and the civilization from about a millennium ago had slavery, but all of them did not have an exact idea of segregating people by their race and skin color. So, what is the exact cause of racism? The answer lies in these significant events in the history of America: the slave trade throughout the Atlantic Ocean, the new laws in the rising colonies and Bacon’s rebellion.

We cannot talk about slavery unless we talk about slavery which it was the Atlantic slave trade that made the basis of racial discrimination in the United States. Since “by 1619, a million blacks had already been brought from Africa to South America and the Caribbean, to the Portuguese and Spanish colonies, to work as slaves” (Zinn Chapter 2), it was a natural flow to have slaves in the new settlement of Jamestown. Back in 1619, people in Jamestown were in need of manual labor with less food, because they “crazed for want of food, they roamed the woods for nuts and berries, dug up graves to eat the corpses, and died in batches until five hundred colonists were reduced to sixty.” (Zinn Chapter 2) So, they brought in blacks from Africa to work as slaves. Although we cannot say that this ultimately caused racism in the United States, this was the first “black slaves” that were brought to the America. If the Englishmen...
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