Cause of Heavy Traffic

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Cause of heavy traffic


Picture this: You get up and go to work at 8 in the morning. When you get to I-285, I-85, or 141, you hit the rush hour traffic. You look into the cars around you; you can see people eating his Mc Chicken. Or someone¡¯s talking on his cell phone. You can even see some ladies putting her make-up on. Besides looking at all these funny people, have you ever wonder why there is so much traffic? We normally go at least 60 miles per hour on a highway. There should be no reason for traffic jam to begin due to slow driving. Then, how does it begin?

Traffic jam gives all of us a bad temper and headache in the morning. And it definitely causes time and energy loss. There are many cause of heavy traffic, like bad weather, raining, snow, accident, holiday, or even president¡¯s visit.


The World population is growing really fast day by day. Along with the economic growth, more and more people can own their own cars. Some even own more than one car. The population of the United States has grown by forty percent, while the number of registered vehicles has increased by nearly a hundred percent--in other words, cars have proliferated more than twice as fast as people have. At the same time, the road capacity increased by six percent. If these trends continue through 2020, every day will resemble a getaway day, with its mixture of commuters, truckers, and recreational drivers, who take to the road without regard for traditional peak travel times, producing congestion all day long

2. Regular public working hour

Amount all the causes, the biggest cause is simply too many people wanting to be in the same place at the same time. Limitations of road system or minor inconsistencies in the behavior of drivers can then compound to cause traffic slowdowns. The problem is "too many people, not enough roadways." However, the land is limited. There is no enough land to build more and more road. In...
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