Cause Of Destrutction Of Our Planet

Topics: Pollution, Sun, Earth Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: January 30, 2015
There are many factors that are caused by humans that are affecting our planet and for consequently its destruction. These ones are the most important for me

1- We have the air pollution. Every time that we are using the car, we are contaminating the environment. We can try to use the car less and instead this one we can use bicycle at least once or twice a week. Or we can even walk for short distances. We have holes in the Ozone which let the ultra violet rays of the sun be strong, so IN SOME AREAS THE SUN CAN damage even our skin and sometime can produce cancer. 2- The forests, the lungs of the earth. These ones have been destroyed by human; this activity is taken the oxygen of the air and as consequences less air to breath. In some REGIONS in Canada a lot of trees are cut every day. I think we have the POTENTIAL to create a new way to use resources without damage the forest. 3- The frequency of earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes and floods has rendered many dead and homeless. For some places where the buildings are SUBSTANDARS the damage is worst. And its turn a DEVASTAITING acts. In this case, the only way to survive that we have is being ADEQUATELY prepared in how to act in case that some on this DESASTERS happens. 4- The global pollution of the oceans caused by the wastes into them by manufacturers is polluting the fish population. The manufacturers can disproportionate their wastes in a place that causes less damage, in the ocean is a lot of life so we have to look after it. There are many researches where the people are trying to create new methods to low the damage in our environment. And definitely our communities are getting close and they are helping to this happen. Like now a days everyone is doing conscience. The natural ISSUES are part of all, so we are working in a better world.
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