Cause of Change in Bahamian Families

Topics: Family, Marriage, Drug addiction Pages: 4 (548 words) Published: March 8, 2015
Do you agree or disagree that divorce has been one of the change in the Bahamian family structure?

I strongly agree that “Divorce has been the change of the Bahamian family structure”. As explained in the above question the Bahamian family structure has changed a lot over the past years and is now going down the path to single family homes. There are so many social problems that affect the Bahamas and its very sad to think that the current turn toward single families is the primary cause. The social problems I speak of are Drug abuse, Teenage pregnancy, and Domestic Violence. What is Drug abuse? Drug abuse is defined by the Webster’s dictionary as illegal or excessive drug us or deliberate use of an illegal drug or too much of a prescribed drug. The lie that drug addict might believe is that his/her actions have no effect on their families and the people around them. The family members are in fact the ones who are very much affected when a parent or child abuses drugs. This situation can either create a hostile and fearful environment for the family or an environment where the family lacks communication and is distant from each other. Divorce can lead to the parent or child using substance abuse to cope with stress that the divorce brought up them. Some married couples who aren’t able to maintain their relationship, there they choose divorce which is one of the solutions to cope with problems between husband and wife. The family is the building block of our society. It is the place where everyone begins life and to which they always belong. The more that members of a family belong to each other. When rejection occurs in the family, especially between parents when they separate or divorce, or even when they don’t come together, the entire family and especially the children suffer. When the parents reject each other by divorce or separation the strengths of their children are not as developed as they could be and more weakness occur in major outcomes. The...
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