Cause of American Revolution

Topics: Boston Tea Party, American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: December 13, 2012
What caused the American Revolution? That is a very good question. Throughout the 1700s, the colonist had a good relationship with Great Britain. They fought in wars together, such as the French and Indian war of 1754 which ended up in total victory. But as time passes, things began to change in this relationship of theirs. These changes led to a need of the American Revolution. Even though there are many causes, three that I will be discussing about that caused the American Revolution is the Stamp Act, Boston Tea Party, and the Intolerable Act. The enforcement of Stamp Act was a huge movement towards the American Revolution. After the French and Indian War, Britain was in great debt therefore this was made. It put taxes on all the legal documents or printed goods, which angered the colonist in so many ways. This was one of the reasons of the “no taxation without representation.” The Boston Tea Party was caused by Great Britain putting taxes on tea. This angered the colonist because it was also an example of the no taxation without representation idea. The angered colonist threw all of the imported tea of Great Britain’s into the sea. This led to the cause of the Intolerable Act. The Intolerable act was the laws passed by Great Britain banning all trades of exports and imports on the colonist and they were only allowed to buy from Great Britain. This occurred after the Boston Tea Party as a punishment for the colonist. The ports would be closed until the colonist pay off all the money of the tea dumped in the Boston Tea Party was made back. This act made the colonist even angrier because they cut off their only way of making money. Revolution means either to overthrown a government or leader or separating from them. Great Britain was making all these changes towards the colonist for their own benefits. The laws they made were so unfair to the colonist. Great Britain’s selfishness caused the change of the relationship between the two. The Stamp Act, Cause of...
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