Cause & Effect of Teen Pregnancy

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Cause and Effects of Teen Pregnancy
Teen pregnancy is considered an on-going problem in today’s society. Teens today are not well educated and don’t always take the right steps to prevent pregnancy, even if they are educated within the area. Teen pregnancy affects many people in the process and could end up having long term affects and health risks on the mother and child. Many people are very judgmental when it comes to teen pregnancy but they don’t truly understand that not every child is educated correctly and go straight to blaming the teen rather than truly understanding what the potential cause of the issue could be.

Teens these days aren’t always well educated when it comes to pre-marital sex and early pregnancy. Some aren’t aware of contraceptives and some don’t truly understand the way their body works to fully understand that pregnancy is not uncommon. Some teens aren’t comfortable at all with the topic of sex and pregnancy so it scares them from being more open about it and learning everything involved with pre-marital sex and contraceptives. Parents are a major reason that teens suffer from not being properly educated and not being fully comfortable with the topic of sex, contraceptive use, and effects pre-marital sex can have on them long and short term. Many parents fear that if they talk to their kids about having pre-marital sex and pregnancy, that their teens will engage in sexual intercourse and in turn become pregnant, or in the guy’s case, impregnate a girl. What many parents don’t fully understand is that by avoiding the topic all together can lead to just the opposite effect, leading to curiosity and experimentation without the correct knowledge in mind. Many teens who experiment with minimal knowledge know little about correct contraceptive use and the health risks involved. Many teen girls are not on birth control and if they are they aren’t using it properly, and many guys don’t use condoms, don’t use them correctly, or in some occasions, the condom breaks. Parents of teenage girls also have a problem with actually talking to their daughters about birth control and have problems allowing their daughter to be put on the pill or another form of birth control. They fear that by putting them on birth control it will give girls the impression that it’s ok to have sex. Parents have all these fears about what they think the reaction will be if they talk to their teens about this when in reality parents need to lose the fear and talk with their teens about this openly and frequently. When parents talk about it openly and frequently it gives their teens knowledge, consistency in the topic so it’s always fresh in their minds and shows to them that their parents are open to talk about it and gives the teen a sense of comfort for further questions and issues that arise. What parents don’t understand is that even if their daughters are on birth control it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are having sex. Birth control is also be used to help reduce the pain of cramps during the menstrual cycle, control acne, lighter menstrual bleeding, and help to regulate their cycle. Many girls think that just because they are on the pill they will never get pregnant, so they engage in sexual activity when in reality the teens can also be at fault too, pills can be forgotten to be taken and can be taken inconsistently leading to gaps where pregnancy can occur. Girls need to understand that birth control is not 100% affective but is 99% affective if it is taken and taken properly. Teens need to be aware of the proper way to use their birth control otherwise consequences will be faced. Many parents don’t understand that they could be helping contribute to teen pregnancy rates by avoiding talking to their teens about these things. Teens who’s Parents avoid the topic of sex and pregnancy, start finding themselves involved in pre-marital sex a lot sooner than most teens. Parents who avoid these topics can have teens that fear...
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