Cause & Effect of Columbine Shooting

Topics: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, Columbine High School massacre, Sociology Pages: 3 (832 words) Published: February 1, 2011
Jennifer Leho
Sociology 109
October 17, 2010
Crime & Deviant Behavior

Deviant behavior is any behavior that violates social norms and is disapproved by a group in society. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are a prime example of deviant behavior. These two children embarked on murder massacre, killing twelve students and one teacher, injuring twenty-one others. The pair then committed suicide after their devilish act. The children were both bullied daily at school. One friend of the deviant duo said “Jocks threw human fetus at them”. The two boys were a part of dark group called the “Trench coat Mafia”. There were many warning signs before this massacre took place. The boys made home videos known as the Basement Tapes. Where they enacted being in charge yelling and screaming racial slurs and pretending to murder others.

A group called TAG, Threat Assessment Group is trying to understand the murders and why the boys wanted to kill. They are going to perform a psychiatric autopsy on both Eric and Dylan. TAG needs to learn the life story of the deceased, personality, habits, and trouble signs. The parents of the murders claim their children lived happy, normal lives; however happy, normal high school seniors don’t try murder their classmates. TAG will start by speaking with people who were there the day of the murders, friends of the killers, pretty much anyone who knew the killers. TAG has questions did the boys shoot alone, specific actions and behaviors during the murders, were they laughing or joking, did they speak in a creepy calm tone of voice. They are interested in the smallest of details down to did the boys take a drink during the massacre.

TAG states there are warning signs to a mass murder. The warning signs are as follows: threats, references of mass murders, police and military interest, weapon comments, stalking, depression and extremely unreasonable. Many people agreed that both boys showed many of these signs. Klebold was placed in a...
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