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Topics: Extinction, Golden Lion Tamarin, Carbon dioxide Pages: 1 (436 words) Published: October 29, 2013
Ever wonder what used to be where your house is? Well it was probably a forest of some kind. It was cut down, and where do you think the animals went? Nowhere! Deforestation is a huge issue! It creates endangered/ extinction of a species, if they don’t become endangered then they move and have to constantly adapt, and when they have to move into our home areas, they give us deadly diseases. The purpose of this essay is to inform the reader about deforestation on animals and humans. When we cut down forests animals have a high chance of becoming extinct and a higher chance of becoming endangered. About a century ago, there were roughly 100,000 tigers in the world. We lost about 96,800 of them by cutting down the forests. Tigers are now an endangered species, preserved at zoos. Golden Lion Tamarins are usually very small, and are only 14 inches, and are less than 2 pounds and live in rainforests. Without the trees of the forest, the Tamarin will become extinct easily. When an animal’s home is destroyed they have two choices: die or leave. When the animals leave, they usually just go to the closest area that they can find. This means that they have to adapt to the new life, which is extremely hard to do considering that there’s different food, climate, etc. A lot of times the little area that the animal moved to is the next area to be cut down, which means that the animals have to adapt again. Constantly adapting can sometimes be impossible for the animals, so they can’t survive. Cutting down the forests causes the animals to find a new home if possible. The animals that we destroyed the homes of are coming into human habitats, spreading diseases to humans. Also, a lot of the plants the hold cures to diseases are in the forests. Without these “potions” many people will die along with animals. Along with holding the cures, the forests have a lot of trees which give us oxygen and get rid of Co2. Every time we cut down an acre of forest we let go of 2oo tons of...
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