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Topics: Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Cause and Effect: Teenage Pregnancy
Teenage pregnancies is one of the most common and alarming issues in our country, many teenage girls get pregnant before adulthood, like the ages of 15 to 19, and give birth, it is shocking that the teen birth rate increases every year. Surprisingly come countries see teenage pregnancy as a clear sign of fertility and people celebrate the early teenage pregnancy. During the teenage years these is a burst of unknown emotions, and teens feel a natural sense of rebelling against the set norm and rules. I believe everybody passes through that stage at one point in the teenage years. At that stage, teens feel a sense of liberation and sexual curiosity. This it is in a graving rent to their feelings through sexual experiences. Basically, teenage pregnancy occurs for several reasons and causes such as, general rebelliousness poor sexual education, pressure, drugs, social, media, abuse, and so on. Teenage pregnancies have a lot of reasons, but the essential cause is sex. Having sex is the principal cause of teen pregnancy; however, teens have many reasons to start having sex so early. In some cases, teens have the pressure of having sexual intimacy for the opposite sex. Teenagers face too much pressure to start having sex at a very young adolescent age. This has several impacts on a teen mother and changes her life. One effect of being a teen pregnant is an incomplete education and reducing employment opportunities. Teen mother are less likely to complete high school or college. It is difficult for teen mothers to go to school, and then the result in the long term is unemployment or fewer job option and opportunities. They cannot get enough money after the bay is born to buy essential stuff like clothes, food, toys, diapers and so on…Also in society teen mother can bee affected and the teen mother have deep depressions because in society the teen pregnancy is not always accepted. That starts the social embarrassment. The unplanned...
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