Cause and Effects of Reality Tv

Topics: American Kennel Club, Toy Group, Dog breed Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Ryan E Curry Sr
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Mar 31 2013

Types of dogs
There are over 150 types of dogs and they all provide a variety of services Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries. Each dog has its own unique characteristics like size appearance, temperament health, grooming requirements, etc. . . .Each type of dogs have a history of origin and lineage. There are many groups of dogs that have served mankind for many years such as the herding, hound, working, and toy groups.

The herding group has assisted man, for over hundreds of centuries in taking care of his flocks and herds of animals. These dogs have built in herding instincts. These dogs stalk, bar, push, nip at heels and help drive the livestock into groups. They also help protect the livestock from predators. They learn quickly and obey commands. Some examples of herding dogs are welsh corgi , germanshepard, Border collie Puli and a Shetland sheepdog.

The hound group was developed hundreds of years ago to assist mankind in hunting for food and sport. Few dogs have a developed vision and are known as sight hounds or gaze hounds. They are the fastest and the tallest of the ancient breeds. They use their sharp eyesight to find the prey and run down to catch it with swiftness and agility. Some dogs under this group are known as scent hounds, these dogs have a keen sense of smell. They have very high physical stamina and use there single-minded determination to hunt. A few examples of these types of dogs would be a beagle, basset hound Bloodhound As scent hounds and a saluki, whippet and greyhound as sight hounds

The working group was bred to help man in various endeavors like protecting people, transportation of goods, pulling carts, search and rescue operations, etc. The varieties of dogs that come under this group are large and powerful. These dogs are intelligent and their personalities match their physical hardiness .A few examples of these types of...
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