Cause and Effects of Forest Fires

Topics: Causality, Wildfire, Lightning Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Mueez Khan 2/18/13

Cause and Effects of Forest Fires

A cause and effect essay is an essay that tells what the cause of something is and what the effect will be. For example, excessive rain causes floods, whereas lack of rains causes drought. In this essay, I am going to discuss the causes and effects of forest fires. In California, wild fires burned 30,660 acres, in year 2010. Forest fires either start naturally or are started by human activities. Most wild fires are caused by human activity than naturally started fires. Human started fires occur accidentally, such as campfires, smoking materials, electricity, and fireworks. Those fires that are set naturally are usually set by lightning. Campfires, for instance, are sometimes left unattended by campers, can spread and eventually lead to wild fires. Fireworks can explode and the sparks may catch on to dry leaves or grass and then spread. When we go camping we should be sure to not start a campfire next to dry grass. Also, smoking materials when thrown onto the ground small sparks can ignite a wild fire.

There are still some natural causes of wild fires such as, lightning strikes and earthquakes. Lightning strikes are a very common cause of wild fires. When lightning strikes a tree, the tree may fall and cause other surrounding trees to catch on fire, especially in hot or warm conditions fires caused by lightning can spread rapidly. Earthquakes can also cause fires in populated areas. Earthquakes can cause fires by breaking natural gas lines or causing volcanoes. Fires can be caused by matches, cigarettes, and cigaret lighters when thrown alongside a place where there are a lot of trees and dry grass.

Forest fires have a good effect on the environment as long as its small. However large uncontrolled wild fires have a negative effect...
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