Cause and Effects of Bullying

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Psychological manipulation Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: July 29, 2012
Every day in the US, thousands of young people wake up being afraid. They’re afraid of what might happen at school, or maybe even work. Social events are usually almost always avoided and they live their life in the dark. Since the year 2012, problems with bullying have hit an all time high. Thanks to the technology from the internet and our high tech cell phones it’s easier than ever to be a bully. Bullying comes in two forms. One form of bullying is to be physical. Things like pushing, tripping, and punching are done. The second form is the psychological control some use. They use insults to mentally control the other person. Psychological bullying is by far the most popular of use today because of the many social sites online and the constant uprising of cell phones. Many wonder how people end up being so mean and bullying others. They wonder how these people end up being so cruel. Reasons for being a bully can stem from almost anywhere. A young child who was abused for many years in his home could easily grow up to be a bully because of his mental state. He was bullied by his family while he was younger so that may have caused him to grow and do to others what was done to him. Another reason one may grow up to be a bully is because of the society around him. Public places like school or a social get together is a perfect place for bullying. Children have been known to retaliate against their bully’s by being a bully to someone they may know and so on creating a small chain effect. Becoming a bully does not always have to stem from problems as a child. Some bullies can come from a happy home. They can come from structure, a great social life, and ideal parents. Those are the people that society as a whole just does not understand. Some bullies develop their mean ways because they are selfish and or spoilt and they always want to get their own way. Other similar reasons can involve the bully feeling bad for themselves, so they seek...
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