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Cause and Effect Paper : Internet in Schools

By betheku2016 May 06, 2013 813 Words
In this day in time, it’s hard to imagine going even a few short hours without access to the Internet or phone. These technologies are a requirement in today’s school systems. Without the use of Internet or phone, faculty, staff and students throughout campus would be headed for a long day of boredom, frustration, and chaos. It would be almost impossible for a school to function with a loss of either one of these technologies. The use of Internet and phone allows us to communicate outside of the classroom and find the information we need in order to keep the school day running smoothly.

Think of how many times the Internet and phones are used in schools on a daily basis. You walk into a class and the first thing the teacher does is log the attendance into the schools database. Then, he or she will proceed to teach the lesson, which in most cases is backed up by resources on the Internet such as videos or online presentations. Once the assignment attached to the lesson is given, the student often needs to find online resources to assist them in the assignment. Blogs are often used to create interactive learning communities (Hartshorne 34) Also, we can’t forget those irritating but required interruptions in the middle of class. Announcements and phone calls assure that important private information is getting to specific groups and individual students.

Those are just the basic examples found in a normal classroom. Business classes are some of the most important classes found in a school. The skills found in business classes are skills the student will take with them when they enter the work field. Often, these classrooms are filled with computers. The Internet is essential in these classrooms in order to teach typing ability and business ethics. The teaching of technology itself is also a crucial part of any business class (Hallström –Gyberg 8). Some business classes also teach phone etiquette, which is a crucial skill in any career. Internet sources are also used in these classes as a research tool in order for students to get more information on future careers they are interested in.

Without the Internet and phone, the school is required to do everything manually. This causes a lot of confusion between everyone in the school. Writing attendance and having to get it to the office has became a bit of a hassle. Lacking the resources in order to teach lessons cause frustration among the teachers and boredom among the students.

Research and resources play a valuable role in student’s assignments. Often research is allowed in the classroom. Although information is available in the library, the resources found on the Internet are more convenient and less time consuming. In many schools, this is causing a lesser need for librians and or a need for librains more skilled in technology research (Riley-Huff 129).

Schools are also starting to use the Internet as a testing method. This is said to cut costs on paper and make testing more comfortable (Webley). Testing online is also used a competitive tool in universities (Webley). The more technology used in the school, the more a school can promote their university to upcoming students.

If you’re wondering why technology has become such a crucial part of schools, it’s because this generation is the most experienced when it comes to the Internet and the technologies that come along with it. This generation has literally been born in an age of new and upcoming technology (Hicks 188). The school systems have to adapt to the ways of the students and as well as the incoming teachers.

As you can see, the Internet and phone is a crucial part of an everyday school day. The need for technology in schools will only continue to grow as technology becomes more advanced. Students and teachers alike need to be trained for Internet and phone efficiency for their current or future career.

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