Cause and Effect of Product Failure

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Homework Task 2: Using the language of Cause and Effect
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Why Most Product Launches Fail
By Joan Schneider and Julie Hall

In the article “Why Most Product Launches Fail”, Schneider & Hall (2011) simply explain the different factors that cause a product/brand to fail. In a cause and effect language structure, they recognized the top five flaws that set up a business up for failure.

One of the biggest origins for the short existence of new products is lack of devlopment. Delaying the necessary groundwork of a products release until later on, only affects the company’s ability to overcome numerous pressures they may encounter.

Coca-Cola suffered a tough year in 2004 because of its non-successful launch with C2. With the insufficient market research and appropriate evaluation, thus the company simply had no market for C2 and the product was off the shelves shortly.

Although the introduction of a new product to the world sounds exciting, the consequences of not planning can be devastating. Using Dean Kamen’s product Segway as an example, which was unable to produce the sales it predicted due to the failure to target a particular market and group of buyers before hand.

As a result of many companies neglecting the research required in order to develop and sustain its success with products, they simply fall off the market soon after they are released. This article provides the reasons to why planning before hand is vital.
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