Cause and Effect of Low Wages

Topics: Wage, Employment, Minimum wage, Poverty / Pages: 5 (1175 words) / Published: Nov 3rd, 2012
Kay Lynn Ruth
English Comp 1
08 October 2012

The Cause and Effect of Low Income Jobs on Family Life

While researching the cause and effect of the economy on low wage workers, the discovery of how the families struggle on a daily basis to juggle work, child care, transportation and family well-being was astounding. While some families are two parent homes, only one is able to work due to the cost of child care. Other families consist of one parent, who works two jobs to take care of the children’s needs, while the child’s greatest need, a stable home environment, is neglected. While the cost of living continues to rise, the cost of wages does not, causing low income families to depend largely on assistance from state and government agencies. Is there an end to this continuous struggle? Will the families struggling to survive see any relief? The American Job Act is being put forward by the President to expand employment opportunities for communities that have been particularly hard hit by the recession and for workers who may take longer to get back on their feet due to greater income losses and smaller savings than higher income worker (The American Jobs Act, 1).

While upper class households may not even feel a sting from the rise of inflation, low income families feel the impact without ever having to check the stock market (Inflation hits home, 1). With the rising cost of inflation, low income families have to make even more sacrifices. Two income families turn into one income families to cut back the extra expense of child care. The adult left working feels the full weight of the financial responsibility and works longer hours or finds a second job closer to home to keep gas expenses at a minimum, while caring for the family. Single parent households may rely on other family members to help with child responsibilities while they focus on providing for the material needs, leaving a void in their life and the life of the child (Effects of

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