Cause and Effect-Mother's in the Workforce

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Mother's in the Workforce
Did you know, “In the United States today, more than half of mothers with young children work, compared to 30 percent in the 1970’s” (American Academy of Pediatrics, 1999). In this current economy single mothers have no choice but to work. Mothers have to enter the workforce to support their family. This hasn't always been the case as we know from looking at our past. It was normal for the father to work and the mother to stay home with the children. Unfortunately, times have changed and divorce rates have gone up. To keep up with the rising costs and the splitting of a household, mothers have joined the workforce to help provide for the home. This now raises the question, if the mother is not home with the kids, how are the children effected? Three possible ways that children are affected from mothers entering the workforce are having to grow up in daycare, becoming more independent, and being less involved with family.

The first possible effect is a child having to grow up in daycare. With the need for more income, moms are no longer staying home. Children are now being taken care of all day—and sometimes night—by the daycare facilities. I am a single mother and I have to take my daughter to daycare five days a week. If I did not have my daycare facility to take my daughter, I would not be able to work. The only thing that is wrong is that these facilities have become the place for children to learn valuable life lessons. What used to be the mother's duty, is now being placed upon the daycare centers. They are having to help nurture and teach these children how to share, potty train, respect others, and so many other valuable life lessons. All these things used to be the job of the stay at home mom. I miss being there for the life lessons, but I have to support my family. I also have to deal with my child getting sick more often. She is normally around six to eight kids every day. Children being in daycare allows them to become...
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