Cause and Effect Essay : Fast Food Restaurant’s Causes and Effects.

Topics: Restaurant, Food, Nutrition Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: August 28, 2013
In 21. century everbody is too busy and everytime in rush. Generally you can not see anybody just sitting in a cafe and having rest and talking with friends but you can see peole eating fastly and not talking to anybody. This busyness lead to born of fast food style and fast food retaurants. This kind of restaurants are very popular and widespread all over the world. They cause many negative things in people’s lifes.

As known fast food is sourced from the busyness of people. They have to work too much and gain much Money in order to sustain their lifes in such a big and merciless world. Eating fast food is very harmful for body. People get fat because of this restaurants they eat very fast and unbalanced anyway the things they eat is very rich in calori as a result getting fast is inevitable. Except fast food’s fastness another reason of its popularity is being very cheap. Students and people have low salary prefer them mostly.

Another negative effect of Fast-food restaurant is its making peaople isolated from the society. As they adopted to eating only they do not talk to anybody , they never communicate and never spend time with their collegues or friends alsı people get depressed timely. It is fast-food’s psycological effect on people.

As a result fast food is not a good thing and something should be done in order to save people from these kind of eating habits. They should learn to spend time with people and taste the foods relaxly.
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