Cause And Effect Essay: Causes Of The Revolutionary War

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The revolutionary war was a key point in history. In this essay I will be discussing the following things, causes of the Revolutionary war, results of the Revolutionary war and how the british were involved during the Revolutionary war. To begin with I will be going over the causes of the war that include acts,taxes and the economy's effect on the start of the revolutionary war.One of the biggest causes of the start of the american revolution was the increasing taxes from the British parliament, without their permission. “King George III lost a great deal of money due to buying expensive supplies for his army and the colonies. In order to pay off his debt, he imposed taxes on the colonies without their consent.” (,) This quote explains how the king began to tax the colonists so that he could pay of his war debt.
The parliment taxed multiple things
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There was the stamp act which taxed paper, documents, licences etc. Another thing that contributed to the revolutionary war is the Intolerable acts.The intolerable acts are five acts passed by the parliament. The first act passed is the “Boston port act” which was enforced following the Boston tea party. The second act passed is the “Administration of justice” this act was passed to give “justice” to British officials accused of murder, hoping to allow them to escape punishment. The next act is “the Massachusetts government act” it changes the Massachusetts government so that Britons government could have full control.The fourth intolerable;e act is the “quartering act” this act allows British soldier to live in a colonist's house, the colonists have to be a host and feed them, give them a place to sleep. The last act is

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