Cause and Effect Essay

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Cause and Effect Essay

Starting a new business is a huge and important life decision. A lot of thought most go into such a huge financial and personal responsibility that owning and managing your own business requires. It has a ton of pros and cons and can be very rewarding or break you down completely. The purpose of this essay is to talk about the three main effects that starting your own business can produce in and have on your life. The major effect is having to rely on that income from your new business to pay your bills, feed yourself, and take care of a family if you have one. I’ve heard it normally takes about a year to really start seeing profits from a new business, so you have to realize if your business does bad then your bills don’t get paid and if your business does good then that is when life is good and you can smile. In my opinion, before opening a business I would make sure you have money set aside in case of the business not being as successful as originally planned so, that your bale to make that year and start seeing profits and success.

The second main event is learning and having to do your own marketing. When you work for a company they are in charge of getting the companies name out there. They are the ones who pay for commercials, personal websites, business cards, and any promotional events. When you want to own a successful business you will need to learn how to market yourself and what works best for your company and your clientele. In most cases, you must spend money to make money!

The most significant effect of owning your own business is how to manage your money. When you manage your money bills get paid on time, employees are paid, any insurances or taxes that need to be paid can be. It will also allow you to see your profit clearly. Another good thing that comes out of this is you...
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