Cause and Effect Essay

Topics: Bullying, Suicide, Abuse Pages: 2 (364 words) Published: May 5, 2013
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Cause And Effect Essay Bullying

Most people in the world today may not know that bullying can harm people

emotionally and physically . When people are being bullied they can be effected in many ways. In

today's society, bullying is more likely to happen because of the internet and social networking web

pages people surf on. Social networks such as Facebook,Twitter and MySpace. This includes noisome

messages,pictures and rude post from bullies. In addition, this has led to cyberbullying.

There are many causes behind the whole concept of bullying. Bullies will target

someone with different physical features, such as someone wearing glasses or being overweight. The

reason bullying happens is because of power imbalance. In other words people who bully want to

develop a high power against someone or feel better then someone. In addition, victims of bullies

probably start bullying because they have been bullied before and now they want revenge. A other

cause of bullying can be attempt to joining a group or gang. The peers in your group would want you

to over power someone to gain respect or power.

There are many effects of bullying. Bullying can allow people to develop eating disorders.

When being bullied they will change the way they eat and have a large deduction of amount of food

they consume. As a result, this eating disorder will let them begin to self harm themselves and be

required for counseling. Furthermore,bullying can effect a person personality. It can cause people who

were once assured and joyful to become shy and unsure about themselves. Additionally, bullying can

make victims sad or depress. There confidence level can drain away in a good period of time and will

cause them to act different towards people. Thus, they will act as if they have no hope.

Bullies can also effect victims emotionally. The victim that is being bullied...
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