Cause and Effect Essay

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Cause and Effect Essay - 3

Assignment Description:

Write a Standard 5 paragraph Essay / 700-800 words/ in which you will analyze causes for a ceratin event or the effects of it upon others. Focus your Thesis on three major effects or three major causes for something. Do not switch between causes and effects because that will ruin the organization of your paper.

MLA format, double spaced, include your name, course number, instructor’s name, date, word count, font - Times New Roman - 12, margins - 1 inch.

Writing Process Steps:

Use Pre-writing strategies to plan your essay: free writing, brainstorming, mapping, clustering. Staying focus on the main event is the key for a well-organized paper. 1/Submit the Topic and Outline to the Discussion Forum and Bring a hard copy to class for Review! - 5 % Change your topic, if you see that three students have already chosen the same one! 2/ Submit the First Draft / 60% of the paper/ to the drop box - 5 % Revise, Proofread and edit!

3/Submit the Final Copy to drop box - 5%
4/ Submit the Final Copy to the drop box. Bring a hard copy to class for Grading!

Attention: This Paper is not a Research! If you include research your Grade will be lowered by 25% !

BROAD TOPICS: /You have to narrow it/

1.What are the causes /or effects of the Internet craze?
2. What are the causes / or effects of the reality based TV shows? 3. What are the effects of the MTV?
4. What are the causes/ or effects of the friction between parents and children? 5. What would be the effects if the community colleges raised the Standards of Admission? 6. What would be the effects of obtaining a college degree?

7. What are the causes / or effects of dropping of High school? 8.What are the causes / or effects of the popularity of the fast food restaurants?

Point of View - 3rd person objective - ONLY! / he, she, it, they, one / DO NOT USE - 2nd person - /You, Your or Yourself/

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