cause and effect

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September 28, 2014
Frank Selgeby
Mr. Murdock
English 101
Cause and Effect

Why Vampires Never Die

Vampires, when mentioned people tend to think of the blood suckers of the night, others think of the gothic dominatrix world, but today we will be discussing the famous pop coulter vampire. On the T.V. screen, commercials, magazines, etc. They are ever where. This essay I will be discussing the cause of the infamous vampires and there effects on society. Next, the origin and how it affected coulters. Lastly, the gothic side of it all today and what it caused everyone to morph it into.

Everyone loves a good scary movie, right? Well, when someone says lets go see a scary movie they will most likely see a vampire movie. Today vampires have shaped our society into the gothic world that we have. Vampires strike fear in our hearts because some people believe vampires exist, when in reality there is no proof of their existence so the whole mainstream media has morphed the vampire into these fairies of the Twilight Saga. Today vampires affect us differently because of the mainstream media. Every year you see a block buster hit the movie screens and social media world, and as soon as the block buster comes out it usually involves vampires hoping to hit a certain audience of gothic lovers but it hits everyone and they love it.

The origin of vampires go back hundreds and hundreds of years taking us to Transylvania. There was this very dark and malevolent man named Count Dracul and translated Dracul means dragon in Latin. Dracul was an angry man, when he punished someone he would take his victims and stick them on stakes and them hang till dead and he would drink there blood on occasions thus the myth of the vampire in Bram Stalkers famous novel Dracula being based off of Count Dracul. After all this transpired that had affect the world and put them to fear that vampires were real and struck fear in our hearts and forever more.

Now, for the gothic side and...
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