cause and effect

Topics: Weather, Climate, Change Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: April 26, 2014
The expected impacts of the changing climate are likely to adversely affect the well-being of all countries and and particularly the poorest countries. The changing climate has been an ongoing problem in the form of; frequency of droughts, floods, storms, and disease. As a result in the decline of agricultural productivity and food growth has been devastating. Due to the loss of assurance on good seasons farmers have to add growth hormones and chemical treatments to their supply. When it is necessary to put these additives back in to our soil it can cause a change in the earths make up. Another cause in climate change is due to what humans do to release gases into the air. Humans create gases from vehicles, solutions used, and chemical fires. Climate change is a long term shift in the climate of a specific location. Increase in global temperatures will cause rise in sea level. Eventually it will lead to the melting of glaciers. The shift is measured by checking the changes of weather, temperature, wind, and rain from the previous years. Climate change occurs when the climate of a certain area is between two different periods of time. It happens when something changes the amount of sun’s energy absorbed through the surface. When the land is changed to seasonal crops from forests or urban areas the regional climate system is altered. Economic effects are an effect of climate change, which are usually negative and permeant. Forestation can be of great help with this issue. Planting more trees and reducing the amount of logging will help restore the imbalance. People should also think about recycling and using vehicles with lower admissions. Ecofriendly technologies must be promoted and substituted with the technologies that cause less harm to the environment. Being aware can help tremendously, the more people that know about how important the situation of the causes and effects of climate change the more we can do to stop it.
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