Cause and Effect

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Cause and Effect: Literacy

Cause and Effect: Literacy

Many Americans look for celebrities to be role models. American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino is adored by many fans. However, people began to look at her differently once they found out that she was illiterate. Being literate, knowing how to properly read and write is essential for being successful in today’s society being that our country is technological advanced. Each individual needs to attain literacy in their adolescent stage of life, because reading and writing are valuable skills that are used on a daily basis. Literacy is needed when reading reports, writing essays, reading emails, reading or writing a text message and writing product warning labels to name a few; being literate assists in the proper development of the mind. However, some people in the United States are not literate nor do they get the chance to become literate in a lifetime. Being illiterate in the United States is becoming a sad compelling phenomenon; a couple of causes, effects and solutions will be explained.

Although there are various causes of illiteracy, poverty is a major one. In some parts of the United States does not have adequate access to materials for reading and writing. Realistically, history has shown that students who have passed the fifth grade often times quit school to help the family financially by beginning to work. A poor family in addition, is focused on the necessities of survival (such as income and food), rather than books to help the mind grow. Maslow’s theory on hierarchy of needs is related to this illiteracy also. Maslow’s theory is based on the basic people needs (such as food, clothes, safety and shelter) are less likely to develop a higher education. The economic inconstancy can ultimately affect the populations’ literacy rate.

Illiteracy has a negative effect on the country’s capability to develop is resources. Other countries with a greater illiteracy rate are likely to have a...
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