Cause and Effect

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Dec.13, 2012
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What is Mirror Movement Disorder?

Mirror Movement Disorder is pretty much how it sounds. People with mirror movement have a disorder in their hands usually, but can also be all through their arms and or legs. When he or she moves their right hand the left hand mirrors their movement, just in a lesser extent. This is usually seen in babies and young children. “Mirror movement is a rare and puzzling phenomenon.” It is an inherited condition, in which the brain nervous system is crisscrossed during development stages. Scientist say they have found a gene mutation that causes this mirror movement disorder. This gene is called DCC. Mirror movement or MM for short, has had no formal introduction or definition until 1991. It has been noted as far back as 1879 by Earl Nemeyer. This rare condition has been linked to other diseases such as Parkinson, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other neurological and psychological conditions. It is unclear whether these diseases play part in this disorder. There is not a lot of information on this condition quiet yet. The DCC gene mutation affects a receptor for a signaling molecule called netrin. Guy Rouleau, a neurologist at the University of Montreal in Canada says, “these anomalies almost never persist into adulthood.” However, Rouleau and colleagues have recently identified two families-one in Iran and one in Canada- in which some of the family members show mirror movement as adults. Dr. Guy Rouleau’s objective is to determine the causes and identify possible treatments for a wide variety of genetic diseases affecting the brain and nervous system. People with mirror movement disorder often have difficulty with anything that has to corporate both hands doing something opposite of each other. For instance, playing the piano or typing can be proving difficult to control their movement because it is involuntary. I have a friend who has had mirror movement disorder...
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