Cause and Effect

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Have you ever wanted to seek revenge on someone? Have you ever felt like getting back at someone for something they did? It is said that ninety-two percent of people have sought revenge at least once in their lifetime. Jealousy, payback and satisfaction are all reason why someone would seek revenge.

Being jealous is one of the main reasons why one may feel the need to seek revenge. Someone might get jealous because another person has more money then him or her. Material objects are something that everyone wants to have in life and when one has more than another, seeking revenge can be a way to show jealousy. Having great success over another can be a reason why one seeks revenge. When someone is seen and known because of their successes in life, it is natural to feel jealous of that person. Some people may go to the extreme of seeking revenge on those who have greater success because they are jealous of what they don’t have, or are unable to succeed. Seeing that someone has a successful marriage life may also be a reason why one feels the need to seek revenge. Everyone aspires to have a successful marriage in life and many people get jealous of those who have that. This may be a reason why they feel the need to seek revenge.

Alongside jealousy, self-satisfaction is another reason why an individual CAUSE AND EFFECT ESSAY2

may seek revenge. The feeling of having done something to another may feel good and satisfying to some. Having sought revenge on someone makes the revenger feel good. It may make them feel like they have the upper hand in the situation. The revenger may also feel like they have done the right thing making them feel good about it. Depending on how severe the revenge is, one may think its okay and that can make them feel satisfied. Having satisfaction of finally ending something that may have been ongoing for some time may also make the revenger feel good....
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