Causation & Correlation

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Compare and contrast causation and correlation in a 200- to 300-word post. Explain whether each of the following may be classified as a causation or correlation. Justify your reasoning. Identify any possible lurking variables that may be present.

Wealthy people are thin. This is an example of correlation. It is a case where people associate being wealthy with having more healthy habbits. In my opinion it is just conjecture and personal opinion. Not fact based at all.

People with long hair do better on audio memory tests. This too is an example of correlation. As the leingth of ones hair has no baring at all on their audio memory skills. And again could be sumed up as a matter of opinion.

Ice cream melts when heated. This is an example of Causation. Since the tempature of the ice cream has a direct effect on it's physical form. Not in any way a matter of opinion since we all know icecream melts.

Students with fewer clothes perform worse on standardized tests. This too is an example of correlation. Since it comes down to a persons observations and opinions. Rather then a mesurable difference in ones stadardised test scores.

Money is the root of all evil. In other words, money causes evil. Also correlation in this case. and i might add a prime example of the power or persuation. We have all heard the saying enough times in out lifetime to have it permenently imprinted in our brains. also no way to mesure this or prove or disprove the statement. I might go as far as to argue that it is not the money it's self that promotes evil behaver. Rather that the type of person that is driven and motivated by money alone is predispossed to do evil acts. It is also a matter of opinion and conjecture. No physical mesurement is possable in this case ether.
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