Causation and Correlation

Topics: Correlation does not imply causation, Causality, Standardized test Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: May 11, 2012
There are many similarities between causation and correlation but there are also just as many differences. Causation is when one or more factors contribute to the effect. As said in the PowerPoint review, for example, if you switch a light switch on it causes the light turns on. The one factor of flipping the light switch on causes the effect of the light to turn on. Correlation is when two or more factors contribute to one effect. There is two different types of correlation. One type of correlation is high correlation which is when the factors all match up in a row to cause the effect. Low correlation is when the results of one factor are scattered but a pattern can be recognized. The similarities between causation and correlation are that they both require factors that can point to a result. But remember that correlation is not causation. One factor does not mean it will make the effect happen. The difference between causation and correlation is causation has a direct factor that has a direct effect, correlation is many factors can possibly lead to an effect. Also correlation can have lurking factors. For instance, there are more studies being done on lung cancer because of higher rates of lung cancer. Why are there more studies on lung cancer? There are more studies because the increase of tobacco use. The lurking factor is the increase of tobacco use. Wealthy people are thin. This is an example of correlation. There is a lurking factor of why *

* are rich people thin. Is it because they can afford things like personal trainers, liposuction, or *
* nutritionists? There are many factors that can contribute to the one effect of the wealthy *
* being thin. Not all wealthy people are thin as well.
People with long hair do better on audio memory tests. This is also an example of correlation. *
* There has to be many test ran on those with long hair hand short hair. Do the people with *
* long hair wear...

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