Causal Argument

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Adolescence, Relationship Pages: 4 (1050 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Taylor Weir
Mrs. Black
ENGL 1900
Why “Baes” Never Stay
Teen romance is like a minefield – very few make it through completely unscathed, and the path is often strewn with the shrapnel of countless broken hearts. According to common wisdom, the reason behind all this affliction is because teenagers are capricious creatures who lack the maturity to resolve relationship issues. However, maturity is not the only key factor playing into why teen couples just are not staying together happily. Social media pressures young people to be in constant contact with one another, meaning they can constantly monitor the other. Maturity and social media are large factors in the way many relationships play out nowadays, but the same people writing articles about the topic are the ones forgetting the most important factor; communication. Building an emotional relationship and being able to relate and interact with your partner is the foundation to a truly satisfying and healthy relationship.

We live in the age of social networking, and in the past few years, technology and turned both our world and the way we talk to others completely around. There are both good sides and bad sides to such advancements and changes, as one should expect. Since words are typed onto a screen rather than spoken face to face, it is extremely easy to misunderstand words, as there is very little contest surrounding them. Such facts can cause one member of the relationship to mistake a statement one said to make it seem like something else, therefore an argument occurs. Jealously among teenagers is quite ridiculous. Fifteen years ago, one would not have to worry about whether or not their significant other would make them their “Man Crush Monday” or “Woman Crush Wednesday” nor would they get upset if the same person didn’t text them back within half a minute. There was no “relationship status” on the internet, no reason to question their lover’s loyalty over who “liked” their pictures. The...

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