Causal Analysis Rough Draft: Early Childhood Exposure to Violence Can Lead to Certain Outcomes

Topics: Violence, Aggression, Sibling Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: November 29, 2013
Period 2
English 101
October 13, 2013
Causal Analysis Rough Draft

Many people often wonder, “ Does early exposure to violence influence frustration and aggression in adolescence and adulthood?” or they might ask, “ What are the effects of early exposure to violence?” There are many situations in childhood that might cause or influence the later life of a child. Whether it is violent video games, rough sibling playing or parents who fight in front of their children; there must be some reason, some cause to later life aggression and violence. The first of many causes to later life violence is parent influence. When a parent fights, it is very possible that the child will learn that behavior, or when a parent gives attention to negative behavior, it is most likely to continue. For example, “when a caregiver provides attention to a child during a temper tantrum, for example, the child is likely to exhibit tantrum behavior in the future as a means of getting adult attention and having demands met. In fact, the frequency and intensity of tantrums will increase over time as the child learns how to use tantrums to manipulate adult behavior.” ( Another example could be sibling rivalry. Everyone with a brother or sister knows that when you are young, you want the most attention. It is a lifelong competition for the attention of your parents or friends. One way the child may react is to “avoid family issues” (EmpoweringParents). They will do anything to get away from the abuse and confrontation.
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