Caught In the Act

Topics: Security, Mind, Security guard, New Jersey / Pages: 6 (1281 words) / Published: Nov 14th, 2013
Caught In the Act
Cheating statistics are ever increasing in the United States. Honesty, trust and lasting relationships seem far- fetched and even rare in our society. Imagination and sensualized stories in the media play a dangerous role in our psyche. It turns reality into a scene scripted directly from The Young and the Restless. Illicit thoughts provoked by unsolicited opinions or negative experiences of peers tend to infiltrate unsuspecting minds. These thoughts multiply and produce dangerous perceptions that haunt the very core of one partner. Malicious intuitions start consuming the brain giving refuge to explosive fury. The faithful partner morphs into a ticking time bomb tallying inconsistencies and waiting for an ingenuous time to detonate. Often, a life event shows people that trust is the key component to a strong relationship.
Boom! Boom! The door flew open and the hinge ricocheted on the floor. Two police officers cautiously stepped in the apartment with their weapons drawn, casing the kitchen and dining room. The stillness of the apartment caused terror to fill the hearts of the onlookers. The usually empty hallway was now filled with dozens of inquisitive minds. Each whispering their own theories of what they thought was going on inside apartment 9F. Officer Washington and Officer Elba approached a seemingly peaceful body at rest. Officer Elba shone his luminous white beam flashlight on me. “Ma’am! Ma’am! Are you okay?”
A few hours earlier, the meteorologists were predicting yet another blizzard, nineteen inches this time. The black ice on the road was now starting to clear up from last month’s snowfall. I stepped off the train and walked into Shop Rite to gather emergency supplies in the form of Breyer’s Cherry Vanilla ice-cream, Entenmann’s All Butter Loaf, bread and Nyquil. Preparation was key. All public schools were scheduled to be closed the next day due to the inclement weather. This news delighted my then 6 yr. old

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