Caucasia My Summary

Topics: Racism, Liminality, Self Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: January 15, 2011
Ashley ColeCole 1
Professor Rojas
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An Undefined Life
Caucasia takes place in nineteen seventy-five and Boston was a racial battle ground especially for one family the Lees. Birdie Lee ,a half white half black eight year old girl, tells her story of fleeing the racial war and hiding her identity . For over seven years she was on the run and forced into a new identity. At an early age Birdie was confused about her identity since a mixed race child was a social taboo. Forced by her family to live on the road with a new name and background confused Birdie even more. This paper will analyze how the surroundings of Boston, Aurora and New Hampshire and how they each molded the main character into a constant liminality.

Because of the opinions of her surroundings Birdie at age ten could not distinguish her identity as black or white. Going to an all black school that teased her was difficult, but her home life was segregated as well. Deck Lee, Birdie’s african farther took her to the park one afternoon and a police officer accused him of kidnapping a white child. The officer had pulled Birdie to the side and began questioning her. “You can tell us, kiddie. He can’t hurt you here. You’re safe now. Did the man touch you funny?” She replied “No, he didn’t. He’s my farther.” At that moment Birdie wanted to spit in the officers face with disgust. At the same time she felt depressed because her older sister Cole, would not be in this situation. As the tension grew in Birdies home town so did the tension at home; likewise, spliting her family apart.

Cole 2
While being swept into even more confution and on the road, Birdie had to change her identity. At first it was easy for Birdie and her mother since they were living on a women's compound in Aurora where everyone had secrets. During their stay birdie becomes more confused about who she really is and her sexuality. “In those years. I felt myself to be incomplete-a gray...
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