Catullus 7

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Catullus 7 Essay
In poem five Catullus wrote an invitation to his girlfriend Clodia, who he addresses as Lesbia to hide her true identity. This is because Clodia is older than him and she is married. He asks her to join him in a life of love. We can then assume that after reading this poem Lesbia asks the question “how many kisses?” Because Catullus, in poem seven, responds to Lesbia’s question and uses many similes to show how much they would love each other. The readers can therefore see a thematic connection between poem five and seven based on the poems’ content, diction, and structure. Catullus creates two poems, which show his immense love and affection for his girlfriend, Clodia.

The content of the poems is the same and the themes contain similar ideas of everlasting love. The readers can first see that these poems are closely related because in the first two lines of both poems “Lesbia” is addressed. This shows that Catullus is talking to his girlfriend and this connects the two poems from the very beginning. Also both poems have similar main themes of love and kissing. In poem five one can first see that Catullus is writing about the love he has for Lesbia when he says, “Da mi basia mille (give me a thousand kisses.)(line 7)” This shows that he loves Lesbia and wants to show that love in a physical way. In poem seven the theme of kissing and love is shown immediately when Catullus states, “Quaeris-superque (you ask how my acts of kissings of you are enough and over Lesbia.)(lines 1-2)” This line is emphasized by the word “basiationes(acts of kissings)” because this abstract, polysyllabic noun, formed from basium was created by Catullus and used only here. Catullus does this to display his rare love for Lesbia. Therefore one can see the thematic connection of Catullus showing his love in both the poems.

The poems also share similar dictions and structures creating another link between the two poems. Both poems are written in the...
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