Catoon Obama

Topics: African American, Barack Obama, President of the United States Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: January 21, 2013
The cartoon shows President Barack Obama who is walking towards the White House. In the foreground there are two African-American which are hiding between the trees and bushes in the garden. Obama stops his march into the White House to look back to the black people and waves. One of them is retuning the gesture. In the garden are three sings. On one of them is the name “JIM CROW” written, which is a symbol of the race discrimination. He symbolizes the stereotype of a singing, dancing black man, who is satisfied with himself and the world around him, although his intelligence is below the average. On the other sings is “SEGREGATION” and “SLAVERY” written. These two words also refer to the history and discrimination of the African-American in the United States. In the left hand corner is a kind of headline which says “THE FINAL DESTINATION ON THE FREEDOM ROAD …”. The cartoon is an exaggerated view on the events which are related to Obama’s presidency and his status as the first African-American President. The White House, which is located in the center of the picture and it’s painted in bright colours. Alpha This results a huge contrast to the dark forest on both edges of the picture. Obama is walking in the opposite way of the direction. This means, that he has overcome the discrimination and has become the first black president. But on his half way he pauses and looks back to the other black people and raises his hand, so that they know that he still knows, that he hadn’t forget them. He symbolizes the opportunities of the black people, and how much they have changed in the past fifty years, so even an African-American man can be in the nation’s highest office and be respected by the most of the American citizens. Obama’s still very popular so he was reelected although he isn’t that superhero figure. He has reached the final destination on the road of the freedom and the equality of the black.
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