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Equipment & Systems Engineering

CATIA - Plant Layout 1 (PLO)


Equipment & Systems Engineering

CATIA - Plant Layout
Enable designers to reserve spaces, analyze area/volume allocations and optimize the general 3D layout of plants and equipment or tooling placed in them.

Product overview CATIA - Plant Layout 1 (PLO) enables organizations to optimize their manufacturing plant layout. This product is one piece of Dassault's integrated Digital Manufacturing Solutions. It deals specifically with the "spatial organization" and components of the plant, allowing quick easy layout and downstream evolution of the layout design. Through the CATIA V5 integrated product environment, users have a seamless solution to address all their manufacturing environment needs. They have the tools necessary to optimize production facility layout, leading to optimized factory production and output. CATIA - Plant Layout 1 (PLO) provides an accessible solution for departments of small and medium enterprises. Its friendliness, intuitiveness, and ease of use makes it possible for inexperienced users to use the system with a minimal cost of implementation. The complete layout of the facility can be driven almost completely with the mouse and the product has a user interface that helps users make the transition from traditional 2D layout to 3D. With the intelligence behind the V5 Plant Layout model, plant designers and systems layout design teams can identify and solve problems with the layout or production process long before equipment is installed or moved inside the plant. The software enables users to not only complete designs faster, but also to significantly improve the quality of their designs. Today, every manufacturing

company is looking for new methods to reduce the time it takes to ramp-up, reduce the number of problems on the production floor including downtime, and get products to market faster. Dassaults Digital Manufacturing Solutions, which include the CATIA - Plant Layout 1 (PLO) product line, assist companies in achieving these objectives. CATIA - Plant Layout 1 (PLO) , together with Dassault Data Management offerings, gives users the power to manage their plant layouts and associated components from initial design to plant operations, in a way that is easily adapted to how the customer works.

Product Highlights Includes an optimized user interface for easy maneuverability and layout design iteration Provides an easy tool to define pathway route for preliminary space claim. Provides optimized tools for quick and easy layout of complex configurations.

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Enables quick design changes through an extensive set of modification tools with intuitive "Snap to 3D Grids" function and direct manipulations. Parametric catalogs (design tables) enabling sizing of equipment at the time of placement. Provides specialized interference detection and equipment change-out capabilities Analyses area and footprint to determine resources used in each region of a plant Features advanced 2D-to-3D capabilities which allow engineers to reuse legacy 2D and drawings Generates customized area bills of materials

create layouts of plant sites by defining the buildings, the major areas, all the way down to the individual cells and stations. This is done by simply creating walls, fences or boundaries with an extruded mode for enhanced visualization. Sub areas for facilities, workcells, stations, and lines can then be created within the plant. The system allows a hierarchical approach including true partition of space with shared boundaries, areas with multi patches, and so on. The user can use the "snap to 3D grid" to easily position equipment. CATIA Plant Layout 1 (PLO) enables the user to perform space allocation and reservation for products and resources (equipment, tooling, robots, etc.). This can even be done for resources not yet designed. Plant-specific...
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