Catholic Social Teaching

Topics: Catholic social teaching, Poverty, Pope John Paul II Pages: 4 (1730 words) Published: April 2, 2009
Tina Gower LA400 CST '' Social Issue March 21, 2009 Poverty and Catholic Social Teaching Of the many social issues that exist today poverty seems to be one that we just cannot totally eliminate and certainly it should not be ignored. There are many things that one can do to help in reducing poverty levels, but what and how, is the question. This paper will explore some of the ideas based on Catholic Social Teaching regarding the issue. Poverty does not solely mean a person does not have money, although that surely helps and is one of the measures used in determining the poverty lines. Poverty is also hunger, lack of shelter, no access to education or knowing how to read, or having an illness but not being able to see a doctor. People want to escape poverty, but this is something that we all need to take part in to help eliminate or lessen the problem. It is in what we do or can do to help those in poverty. Poverty is a call for action to the poor and wealthy alike, to change the world so more people can have enough food, shelter, education, protection from violence and just to have a voice in their communities. Poverty affects all of us in some way or another and as part of the participation theme we should all have our voices heard in this decision alone because it eventually affects everyone. The catholic social teaching option for the poor will be the main focus for the remainder of this paper because it is the principle that emphasizes how well the nation provides for the poor in its midst, poverty in this case. In the video we watched on CST it stated how it is not enough to give the poor bread, but we should give them immediate knowledge, peace, justice, and love. We cannot overlook the immediate needs of man, we must do something to improve this issue, but the video also stated that we cannot solve all problems. We are not expected to fix everything, but we are expected to do something with the gifts we do have. As the dignity of work principle...

References: Clarke, K. (1999, October). It 's a poor world, after all. U.S. Catholic, 64(10), 39. Retrieved March 20, 2009, from Academic Search Elite database. Castelli, J. (1996, October). How the church passes the buck to the poor. U.S. Catholic, 61(10), 21. Retrieved March 20, 2009, from Academic Search Elite database.
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