Catholic Relief Service Research Paper
Topics: Apostolic succession, Bishop, Catholic Church, Pope, Pope John Paul II, Latin Rite / Pages: 3 (712 words) / Published: May 20th, 2016

The mission of the Catholic Relief Services is to help the poor and vulnerable in the United States and overseas. It was founded by Catholic Bishops of the United States in 1943. Their foundation is based on faith and catholic morals. The Catholic Relief Service tries to promote human development, serving others, having faith, and taking action. They take action in preserving the dignity of human nature and life. Even though they are Catholics serving, no one would be denied of help due to their religion, color, race, or gender. The CRS dedicates their time to better our world, defending it, and preserve it. In all of their works they carry out and instill their catholic values.
Their very first action that took place was after World War 2
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The Catholic Relief Service is currently helping in Ethiopia, trying to teach mothers how to breastfeed their little children. Ethiopia is currently in one of the worse droughts and food crisis. Ethiopia has not received any rain in 2 years. The CRS is trying to educate the communities on the importance of breastfeeding and other educational things about health and nutrition. It is very important for the younger children to get the right nutrients that they can. Most children are malnourished and don’t even make it to the age of 5. The CRS came and helped teach many mothers in the community how to properly nourish their babies. Giving them simple tips to help them breastfeed their young …show more content…
Many people give up their time just to volunteer. The missions of the Catholic Relief Service are strictly based upon the catholic teachings. The CRS carries out the commandments in many ways. Such as honoring only one God and no other Gods, by being faithful, going to church, and following the laws giving to us as catholics. Through their missions they carry out the ten commandments and the teachings of the Catholic church. They carry out the beatitudes by caring for others and helping people who need it the most, like children living in poverty. They also comfort the needy, by being there for them, supporting them, providing them with things no one else could but the CRS. The Catholic Relief Service is all about helping others based on the teachings of the Catholic faith and the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes are a big basis of Catholic Teaching. The missions of the CRS are strictly based off the faith of Catholics. And the basis of catholics are the Commandments and Beatitudes. Overall, this is a fabulous faith filled organization that strengthens people both spiritually and with basic

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