Catholic Principles of Sexual Relationships

Topics: Marriage, Sexual intercourse, Birth control Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Basically, The Catholic Church’s values follow the same principle as other christian religions, and that is sex is privileged for married couple only. The ideology behind this belief is contradictory, however it can be perfectly compared to The Virgin Mary, who all Catholics see as the Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ. She is a symbolic representation of purity, and even when married, desisted sexual temptations, to show her respect and commitments to God. Sexual intercourse is considered ‘the gift of love’ - a beautiful, yet intimate way of showing ones deep connection and affection towards their partner. The Catholic Church seems to emphasis this particular point as to why sexual intercourse should be saved until marriage.

The ultimate purpose of sexual intercourse is to reproduce, and allow a married couple to come together in the form of sex. Through this, it unites two bodies to be one, and allows both individuals to give each other their bodies. Therefore, sex is the ultimate act of giving of self to another. The weight of the meaning, and importance of sex is why sexual intercourse should be saved until marriage, and to remove that form of expression, distorts the act’s significance in life.

Married couples are encouraged to love each other and express that love in sexual ways. A married couple can enjoy foreplay which includes many different pleasurable stimuli as long as the act is completed in a way that is open to life.

There are many Catholic values of which correlate to the importance and true meaning of sex, which would influence one to not engage in sexual intercourse before marriage.

One of which is Life and Dignity of the Human Person. Catholics believe each individual is precious, and the gift of life is more important than things. By saving the ultimate act of love until a couple’s unity is proved, through marriage, only then are we really being dignite towards each other.

The Care for God’s creation is fundamentally the most...
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