Catherine the Great: Religious Toleration

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Catherine the Great
Religious Toleration
Catherine the Great allowed a limited amount of religious toleration during her rule. For example, she stopped the prosecution of the Old Believers. Another feat she accomplished was giving Jews some civil equality. Catherine II, the Great, could be considered indifferent towards religion, because of her adopted Orthodox point of views.

During the reign of Catherine the Great, serfdom greatly increased. She was in need of the support of the nobility, so she gave them more power over their serfs. In fact, she gave them absolute control over their serfs. These made the nobles by far more powerful than they had ever been before, as well as the serfs were worse off than ever before. Economics

During the duration of her rule, Catherine the Great adopted policies of laissez faire, a system of capitalism. In this, she was very interested on industry and trade, especially in export to help her empire flourish. She sought out many methods to help improve the well-being of her empire. For example, Catherine the Great established Loan Bank, helped establish the beginning of paper currency, and even encouraged a free economic society. Education

Catherine the Great dealt immensely with the subject of education. She believed a “new kind of person” could be created with the use of education. She hoped to develop society both intellectually and morally. For example, she established the Smolny Institute for Noble Girls. Another example of her views on education was that she was a great supporter of the printing press; in fact, the book rate went up by 400 books annually during her reign. Foreign Policy

Catherine the Great’s foreign policy was for example how she took active part in the Three Partitions of Poland (1772-1773, 1793 and 1795) and brought within the Russian Empire millions of Orthodox and Russian-speaking subjects. Her foreign policy placed her among the greatest monarchs of her century and European...
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