Cathedral Character Analysis by Carver

Topics: Marriage, Friendship, Wife, Husband, Interpersonal relationship, Family / Pages: 5 (1028 words) / Published: Oct 14th, 2007
In Cathedral, by Raymond Carver, a blind man is visiting his friend that took care of him ten years ago. Although never given a name in this story, the narrator's (Bub's) wife is an important character. It is her friendship with Robert that "makes" the story. For her, it started out just as a job, and grew into much more. She read to Robert and helped him with all the household chores. She left working for him because her husband went to officer training school so they had to move. The blind man and the woman kept in touch through audio tapes throughout the years. This gave the woman enough money so that she could marry her childhood sweetheart. You may be able to tell, just what a kind and giving person she was, for doing the job she chose. She did more than just give a blind man hope – she gave herself a life. As an air-force officer's wife, she moved frequently and lived through difficult situations. This shows truth that the wife has strength. Over the years, as she kept in touch with Robert, their connection seemed to be an important part of her life. At one point after her marriage to the air-force officer and before her marriage to the narrator, she tried to commit suicide because she felt lonely and isolated. She was missing purpose in her life. Could it possibly be because of Robert - that she is still alive in the story? Her correspondence with Robert through the exchange of tapes continued and it appeared to be her only way of relating her feelings. I believe she does love her husband and there are qualities in him she would not trade; yet, Robert brings another dimension to her life. Everyone needs a good friend - some people are just lucky to receive all qualities in a mate!
When "she" found out the blind man's wife has died, she welcomed him into her home. This is characteristic of her good nature and true compassion for her friend. At first, her husband was sketchy about the blind man coming to visit, and a little scared. The blind man was not

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