Cathedral by Raymond Carver

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“Cathedral” by Raymond Carver
This minimalistic story is written by the famous author, Raymond Carver. Carver was born in 1938 in the small town of Clatskanie, Oregon, to an alcoholic father who worked at a sawmill and his mother who worked as a waitress. After graduating from high school, Carver and his family moved to California, where he did not continue his education until 1958, where he started taking writing classes with the writer John Gardner, who introduced him to the fascinating world of writing. Carver was a unique writer with a very distinct writing style and a truly minimalist and he is often compared to the writing of Ernest Hemingway. Carver liked to focus on the blue-collar and middle-class people facing dreary truths, disappointments, and small revelations in their ordinary lives1.The story “Cathedral” is no exception.

Analysis of “Cathedral”
Being able to look inside your own mind is not an easy ability to achieve. When you are living your everyday life, you are just seeing things as they are and the true meaning that lies within is hidden behind the obvious. It is exactly the ability to see in inside of yourself, that is the central point into the understanding of this minimalistic short story by Raymond Carver. The main character and also narrator lives with his wife in what seems to be an ordinary middleclass neighbourhood. He finds himself in a situation where a good and blind friend of his wife, Robert, is coming to visit their house. The narrator find himself jealous of the men from his wife’s past and doesn’t really want Robert to visit. “A blind man in my house was not something I looked forward to”2. When Robert arrives to their house, the narrator feels himself way more superior to Robert, due to the fact that the narrator still has his vision and the ability to actually see things. “I saw her get out of the car and the door. She was still wearing a smile. Just amazing.”3 The narrator cannot understand why a blind person can be...
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