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The Background information:
'Lumia 920' of Nokia was released in November last year which is a lower-price level running on Windows Phone 8 software. This cutting-edged device - 'Lumia 920' successfully brings people big surprises with Car Zeiss lens , wireless charging and a 4.5" PureMotion HD.

SWOT Analysis of Nokia
Nokia is the world's largest producer and manufacturer of cell phone.( Shann Bobby. ) Due to its good quality and durable functions, the product of Nokia normally can be used for 3 to 5 years without any malfunction. Astonishing, even if the cell phones are fallen down for many times, they still work as normal. Weaknesses

Presumably, its products are mainly designed in simple and unattractive ways in dull color, mostly are grey and black. Moreover , the service centers of Nokia are few and it lacks doing targeting promotion.( Ynkamat.2009 ) Opportunities

In the past, there were not many competitors in the market so the market was mainly dominated by Nokia. In fact, Nokia used to be the most superior cell phone company in the world for almost 14 years . Nowadays, Nokia tries to cooperate with Microsoft and brings innovations.
Starting from 2010, the power of Apple and Samsung have been springing in the market, and they have started to threaten the position of Nokia in the market. At the same time Nokia faces the price pressure compared with other brands in the same level of functions. The Research Objectives:

There are three objectives in total:
1.Find out the level of acceptability of Nokia by their customers nowadays. This objective is based on exploratory research which is conducted to clarify ambiguous situation or discover ideas that may be potential business opportunities.(Zikmund&Babin.2013) As Nokia is not the best seller in the market of cell phones , we are wondering whether customers are still fond of Nokia and what are their rankings towards Nokia.

It should be found by asking the buyers the feelings of using its products and beliefs towards the products or brand, talking about the loyalty and personal taste. Second, finding the market share , sales volume , net profit and the market price per share of Nokia in these 3 years.

2.Analysis the reasons why Nokia cannot retain its first position for 14 years in the market of mobile phone. The second and third objectives are based on descriptive research which describes characteristics of objects, people, groups, organizations ,or environments.(Zikmund&Babin.2013) The descriptive method often involves extensive observation and note-taking, as well as in-depth narrative.( Shane Hall.2012) Basically, finding the pros and cons of Lumia 920 in several areas, such as price, functions , appearance, cooperation with other companies ,user friendliness and the performance in apps downloading. Furthermore, the factors why consumers prefer other brands to Nokia , the comparative advantages and disadvantages of Lumia 920 among iPhone 5 and Samsung S3.

3.Suggest ways to improve the performance and help Nokia fight for higher position. Covering the marketing mix :Product, Price, Place and Promotion. (BusinessDictionary.2013). Analyzing their decisions and examining the responses in quality, packaging, repairs and supports, pricing strategies , discounts , warehousing , inventory management ,advertising and marketing communications. Research Methods:
Secondary Data Research
Secondary data research is the analysis of data or information that was gathered by other researchers.( Ellie82.2012) Using secondary data is inexpensive and accessible, however it is time-consuming and the data may not be specific for the need's of researchers. In this research, there would be both contained with internal secondary research (customer databases and official reports) and external secondary research (social media). First and foremost, in order to find out the opinions and feedbacks of people after purchasing, who used to be the users , are being the users of Nokia and the users of Lumia 920,the research data would be collected by features articles, blogs , social posts and updates ( Facebook and Forums like HK Forum) , press releases and magazines. Then ,it is needed to find out the statistical data to compare the changes in performance of Nokia through seasonal or annual reports of Nokia in sales ,and official reports of comparing the performance in the industry of cell phones.
We collect these feedbacks through internets of forums like HK-PUB forum and HK Golden and gather statistical figures made by other researchers. Also, we obtain some relevant articles from magazine about technology like E-Zone and PChome and catalogs of the targeted companies at their stores.

Primary Research
Primary research is research collected directly from the research area, by the researcher.(Edward.2012) Doing primary research allows researchers to control the contents and the depth of the questions effectively in order to get more accurate and precise answers. On the contrary , it takes lots of time for preparation before interview . In this research , we would firstly set up surveys asking questions in more general and pass to the people through internet websites , e-mail , mobile phones and telephone. Then we form focus groups collecting more detailed points of view and explanations. Surveys

The target of first method is people who have cell phones .Questionnaires would be divided in 3 sections. In the first section, the reasons they should have cell phones and their preferences like what are their ideal brands , colors , market prices and functions. In the second section, ,by asking the feelings and attitudes towards Nokia ,so that we can know the position of Nokia towards Hong Kong people. Finally , we set questions to ask for differences among Nokia , Apple and Samsung .

Focus Groups
The target of focus groups would be separated into either the users of Lumia 920 or not the users of Lumia 920. There are six in a group who are leaded by a moderator. There are mainly two sections. The first section , basically knowing the reasons of choosing their cell phones , the disadvantages and advantages and their experiences of their cell phones. Then , it comes to setting questions on what are their expectations and suggestions towards Nokia and Nokia 920.We aim at getting detailed explanations and descriptions in this part.

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