catering operations

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Catering operations, costs and menu planning
I am going to open my Italian restaurant in London, not more than 3miles from the tower bridge. I prefer opening a restaurant in London because it is rated as one of the most visited city in the world by national statistics (The Telegraph 2014). I believe restaurant business should be opened when there is possibility of making money. Most of the people who visit London are tourist. Usually tourists travel to London for pleasure which is associated with spending cash. I have also considered the restaurants in that area and looking at their prices, I will be the cheapest restaurant in the area. THE DON RISTORANTE ITALIANO the cheapest starter cost £5.50 and mussels are costing £8.95, caprese salad cost £7.00 and Parma ham and melon is £8.25.The mains are expensive compared to my menu, Vegetable pizza is costing £11.45 and lasagne is costing £9.50.I also checked Cantina Del Ponte restaurant and the food was expensive to my prices.Caprese salad is £8.50 and the average price of a starter is £9.50 and £17.00 for main courses. Pannacotta and tiramisu are costing £5.50 and £7.00 respectively, compared to my menu which they are costing £3.31 and £2.57. I am going to open a fine dining restaurant, which I think with a bit of hard work it will be a success. Fine dining is associated with the following things: Finest food; Food should always be cooked to order with the best available ingredients. Finest service; Finest service starts from taking reservations. Reservation will also be done on the internet through the company website. Patrons will be able to book on the internet the time they would prefer their food to be served. Well trained front of the house staff should take reservations, after reservations are done patrons should be welcomed to the restaurant and escorted to their tables and staff should hold chairs for women. I will make sure that all front of the house staff that is going to serve the food should know all the dishes and the ingredients in them. Waiters and waitress should be able to dish food on the tables and deboning the fish when it is served. Linen should always be clean and must be changed if a patron leaves the table. Bar ;I will make sure that my bar is always stocked with the best wines, that can be paired with the dishes on menu for example champagnes, brandy, liquors, spirits, ciders, lagers and the best coffee. I will employee an experienced manager who is experienced to run both the bar and the kitchen. Atmosphere; I will use the best available fine china, glassware and flat ware. Classic music should be played not too loud to overpower the patron’s conversation and the lights should be dimmed (romantic). I am going to produce Italian food, because it is health. The food is not too refined and it contains nutrients that help to reduce some chronic diseases. Fresh fruits and vegetables are important in traditional Italian cuisine. Many vegetables, fruits and herbs that are used in Italian dishes, such as tomatoes, spinach, leafy greens, citrus fruit, onions and garlic contain low calories and fat. The food is high in nutrient value, like vitamin A which is good for healthy vision and iron which transport oxygen throughout the body and is essential for chemical reactions in the body. Dietary fibre is always available in traditional Italian cuisine and it is health and good for the digestive system. Fibre also reduces blood cholesterol levels, maintains stable blood sugar levels and prevents constipation. Olive oil and seafood are sources of healthy fats. Olive oil and seafood contains omega-3 fatty acids that helps to prevent heart diseases and reduces blood pressure. Eating fresh tomatoes reduces the risk for prostate cancer. I have chosen Italian food because I have experience in cooking the dishes and making pizzas .I have been working in Italian restaurant for long and I feel I will have enough knowledge about the dishes. Italian food is one of the...
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