Catering Industry
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Overview | Long back, communicative integration was lacking in Indian subcontinent. People of different regions had very little contact. Regional diversity in terms of food, cloth, culture and lifestyle acted as a separating factor for the people of India, giving birth to regionalism. When it comes to food, Punjab was famous for its rich and mouth-watering delicacies. South Indian dishes were popular for their flavors. North East region was known for its huge variety of delicious cuisines. Thanks to the widespread communication network across the country and the recent boom in catering and hotel industry in India, cuisines are no longer confined to their own regions but have overlapped and influenced each other. People living anywhere in our subcontinent can now have the scrumptious cuisines of any other region from the chain of restaurants flourishing all over the country.Over the last decade, the catering industry in India gradually gained its impulse with the establishment of numbers of hotel management and catering institutes, supply chains for foods and catering & hospitality recruitment agencies through out the country. According to a recent estimate more than two million restaurants are now dominating the present scenario of Indian catering industry.With this the restaurant and catering service jobs have become very popular among the educated Indian youths. In recent time, the flourishing IT, ITES and real estate sector in India have contributed significantly in increasing the income level of the Indian middle-income class. Dining in restaurants on weekends and other holidays, with family members and friends, has become a very popular concept in urban India. To meet the ever-increasing demand for new cuisines, the catering industry in India is becoming more prominent day by day.Family Style RestaurantFamily restaurants are very popular for their delectable, hygienic and affordable dishes. Their customer friendly service, excellent ambience and good quality

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