Catering Chapter 1

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The catering industry

One of the most dynamic business groups in the F&B industry.

 Throughout world’s cultural and social development, many references made to eating together
 Often hosts tried to outdo each other with extravagance of feasts  Today feasts take the form of catered events
 Has a broad scope
 Banquets – refers to groups of people who eat together at one time and in one place
 Catering  - includes a variety of occasions when people may eat at varying times

In contrast…

Person or facility that provides food, beverages, service items, and anything else that may be necessary for a reception or
social gathering
Catering business
 Unique unto itself
 Never been a clearly defined segment
Many different types of operations provide catering services Fine dining restaurants
Casual dining restaurants
Private clubs
Foodservice management companies

The catering industry

Multifaceted segment: a niche for all types
of catering businesses within the segment
of catering.
Segments divided into: commercial,
noncommercial and military segment.
Catering management: task of planning,
organizing and controlling.
These activities work together to meet and
exceed the customer’s perception of value.

The catering history

Greek and Romans
The banqueting hall: modern banqueting
menu are found in the mediaeval period of
European history.
A complex ritual of other things was
involved from table layouts and menus to
table manners, from service etiquette and
courtly entertainment to hall decorations.
The food itself was just one part of what
was involved.

Medieval castles all generally had what
was referred to as their 'Great Hall' and
this is what was commonly used for
medieval banquets, whether for the
celebration of a wedding, a victory in
battle or a even a birthday!

Setting buffet during the 18th century time.


Military functions
Diplomatic functions

Encompasses all catering
activities in association
with armed forces
and/or diplomatic

•Independent caterers
•Hotel/Motel caterers
•Home-based caterers
•Restaurant/catering firms
•Private clubs

Traditionally for profit

•Business/industry accounts
•College and university catering
•Health care facilities
•Recreational food service(amusement &
theme parks, conference & convention
facilities, museums, libraries, stadiums,
sport arenas)
•School catering
•School organizations & social clubs,
•Transportation food service
•Catering (in-flight catering)

Initially not for profit
Evolve with times for profit purposes

Types of catering
On premise catering

Off premise catering

Indicates that the function is held
exclusively within the caterer’s own

Transports all of the food , serving
products and personnel to a location
other than the building or the facility
where the food is prepared.

• a caterer within a hotel / banquet
•A restaurant with catering and
dining areas (KFC extreme park)

Careful considerations on:
•Transportation used.
•On site facilities(tent, water sources
or access to
•Must be access to equipment
needed to prepare the food
•Temperature of food
(hot food hot, cold food cold).

Hospital catering
High school/elementary school
University/college caterers

Four main categories:
Special event catering
(weddings, anniversaries, receptions and large-scale parties)  Business catering
(business meetings, lunches, training sessions, conferences
and corporate parties).
 Mobile catering
(vendors at festivals, fairs and farmers’ markets, meals-to-go services...
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