Catering Business

Topics: Catering, Foodservice, Business Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Background of the Study
The history of catering and of fine cooking trades dates back in the 4th millennium BC. It all started in China but the culture of grand eating and drinking was already important during the prosperous years in old Egypt. However, the catering trade only emerged from the commonly practiced hospitality, which was always free, when the first real hostels and inns were built in ancient Greece. This study will provide additional knowledge for fresh graduates and even present college students on great opportunity of having own business rather than being an employee after graduation. This study hopes to enlighten the fresh graduates who are packed with sufficient knowledge to start their own small catering business in Dasmarinas because it is somehow a familiar environment for beginners. It would be a problem at first because of the bad economy and most people tend to avoid spending much on occasions. A small business would be a great help nowadays. Everything seems to be getting worse. The prices have gone way up. The government hasn’t done something about it. It all depends now on our own will. This study will help those starters to keep up with the industry today and help them survive the crisis. According to the Food Caterers Association of the Philippines (FCAP) “you have to dedicate yourself to providing only the best in food and service for your clientele. In this highly flexible segment of the hospitality industry where reputation is everything, one must consistently strive to keep abreast of the latest trends in order to keep your business growing at optimum speed. We at the Food Caterer's Association of the

Philippines invite you to grow with us as we move toward our dream of professionalizing the Philippine Catering Industry.” They are willing to help those young small scale entrepreneurs. Theoretical Framework

When you become a caterer, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom and financial rewards of...
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