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In each event, weeding, birthday party, company event…., etc. people appreciate the guests by choosing the good place and providing the perfect food and here where the Catering services are needed and required to do this job in a perfect way. The verity of the provided services and the required work has a great effect on the cost of the service. Most of the people or the companies go to agents or look online for companies which provides catering service Most of the people go to agents or look online for companies which provides catering services which will increase the cost of the service as the agent is going to take his percentage out of the total, some of the companies will not even accept a small catering service such as a small family dinner or a small birthday party which makes it a problem for the people who wants to provide the catering service. Others if they approve to work on the small events, catering service will ask for a big amount of money or they will not provide a good service and performance, others choose to do their events in hotels to forget about the hustle of providing food and catering which increases the cost of the event or the party itself. One of the biggest problems facing the event maker is the cost and the quality whereas the human nature seeks for the cheapest and best service together. The need of the this service is increasing day by day and from scanning the catering market a few vital information and results were obtained, these information are needed to be provided as the customers are always looking for them which they are the cost and the quality. Our company (bon appétit services de restauration ) is seeking all of the opportunities as we are trying to do our best by providing a five stars service with a very reasonable price which everybody can afford and look for.

Background information
bon appétit services de restauration started early of 2014. The idea came from the founder after realizing the increasing in the market demand of the catering service and the importance of it with the lack of the VIP services for the small events with a reasonable prices. As the company is aiming for satisfying the customers’ needs of a perfect, low cost and a high class service, we decided to make different packages and different options to the customers so they can choose whatever option they need, even we added another option of customization where the customers can choose what to provide and what to not to.

Name of the business
Bon appétit services de restauration or ((good appetite catering service)) was the chosen name of this business. The reason behind choosing this name is the relation of this sentence with the eating (catering) and to send a message to the customer’s ears which is saying: we are going to increase your appetite to eat more and more even if your stomach is full, so have a good appetite. The reason of choosing the French language as a language to create our catering service company name to show the customers that we are allegiant, special and classic where we keep the originality of the tradition with a mixture of the allegiant sciences and taste.

Catering concept
The market demand is huge and the service provider are a lot so the need of catering service which is low in cost high in performance and quality with the approval of doing a small and a big events is needed The concept which (bon appétit catering service ) is taking is providing a good service for the small and the big events, taking an advantage of the lack of companies which provide this and perfume it better with the minimum amount of cost. Our concept is the key of our success where we let the customers choose what to provide and how to provide it. Hundreds of different options where the customer can choose of them with the option of letting the customer to choose what to use and what to not use. Also we care about the location and the timing as we help the customers to choose...
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