Catching Fire Essay

Topics: Seafood, Spearfishing, Fish Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: January 18, 2013
“Without hesitation, he reads, on the seventy fifth anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that even the strongest of them cannot overcome the power the capitol, the male and female tributes will be reaped from their existing pool of victors.”page.172, Catching fire. This is when Katniss finds out she has to go back into the arena and the fight the other victors. Some of them will be enemies such as the victors from 1 and 2. Some will be picked off immediately or just walk around like the morphing’s. Others will be allies such as nuts and volts or finnick. Finnick is an important character because he is brave, smart, and loyal.

Finnick is brave in the arena, because he fights of the attackers at the cornucopia with Katniss on page 269 and 270. He also swam Peeta to shore which is brave because he was unarmed and vulnerable to attack. “Finnick has reached peeta know and is towing him back, one arm across his chest while the other propels them through the water with easy strokes.” P.273, Catching Fire.

Finnick is also smart. In the arena on the beach he told them how to fish and find oysters on page 365. He also knew how to revive Peeta by giving him CPR on page 280. “Under Finnick’s guidance we spear fish and gather shellfish, even dive for oysters.”p.365, Catching Fire.

Finnick is also loyal. He may not seem loyal but he still loves Ann even after all the people in the capitol hit on him. He also stayed loyal to Katniss in the arena even when she did the opposite of everything he said. “I see finnick”s green eyes in the moonlight. I can see them as clear as day. Like a cats, with a strange reflective quality. Maybe because they are shiny with tears. No he says I cant carry them both. My arms aren’t working. Its true his arms are jerk uncontrollable at his sides. His hans are empty. Of his three tridents one is left and it’s in peeta’s hands. “I’m sorry mags . I can’t do it.”

Finnick is a brave, smart and loyal teammate. He didn’t kill Katniss, and...
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