Catching Fire

Topics: The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: October 18, 2011
William Agee
Mrs. Polzinetti
English 11
9 September 2011
Catching Fire
Katniss Diary
Day:1- I’ve been so stressed out lately so I’ve decided to start a diary. Well it’s almost time to head out of District 12 again for the victory tour of all the districts. I’ve got to say I am not looking forward to it; still Gale refuses to hold a conversation with me and its driving me crazy. It’s as if he actually believes the charade I put on in The Games even though he knows for a fact it was all an act. Well I know that Peeta still believes it because I still haven’t told him it was all in the name of survival. Well I am going to go out to hunt for a while. Not that I need to but Gale now works full time in the mines and his family still has to eat. So I volunteer to hunt for the family as I get to do something and they get to eat.

Day 2- Well a gigantic and scary surprise was waiting for me at home after my morning hunt. It was President Snow all the way from Capital. At first I thought it might be one of those types of things that you don’t see on TV but after listening to him it is completely unrelated. Apparently my love act wasn’t convincing enough for some of the other Districts and there has been talk of rebellion. Snow warned me very clearly that if I wasn’t convincing enough, me, my family , and just about everyone else would suffer. I don’t know what to do but for know I will just go to sleep.

Day 3- It’s been a while since I have wrote in my diary, we are currently stopped in a train station in District 11 and I’ve got to say it looks nothing like District 12. All of the guards are armed and serious not like back home where even the fence is hardly electrically charged. Something about this whole situation makes me uneasy. I am really worried about my family right now and making sure I put on a good show. I hope all goes well.

In the previous passages of Katniss diary I have inferred how she feels about certain things that...

Cited: Collins, Suzanne. Catching Fire. New York: Scholastic, 2009. Print.
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